Corporation history

VeLS Company was founded in 1992. Since then the company’s experience has been growing and is still growing nowadays, which makes us the leading company in the field of supplying, projection and installation of professional catering equipment on the premises of various companies. Our  major interest is the HoReCa business.

Personal research for new technologies, great attention to the demands of business, experience and possibility to employ the presumed results make our company one of the top-ranking in Belarus.

Our highly qualified staff manages all the ever-rising needs of the HoReCa field, including restoration, bar, fast-food, etc with the modern, efficient and hi-tech  equipment easy to apply.

VeLS Co is quite few – 25 people, but everyone here  is highly-educated and well-trained. 10 people out 25 represent the Technical Service Centre, with real professionals, who accomplishes the assembly of professional equipment as well as executes the guarantee and post-guarantee service of advanced level.

We participate in the HoReCa&RetailTech exhibition annually, where we share our new ideas and latest models of professional equipment.

Once in three months we arrange the master classes for our clients, where famous chefs from all over the world share their experience and innovations in using the professional equipment to the public – our clients. Besides, our Technical Service Centre establishes the lectures to the clients’ personnel on the usage of installed equipment.

Furthermore, we represent over 50 companies-producers, leaders in the field of professional restoration equipment, in Europe, Russia, the USA.

Throughout the years of hard work, we obtained great confidence among our partners as well as our clients.

The sky is our limit. We are always open to cooperation.

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